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Eurodyne Boost Manager Only
Eurodyne Boost Manager Only
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Boost Manager Plus controller; the first controller to combine 3 important & interrelated functions in a single programmable microprocessor controlled unit. 

The easy to use computer interface software allows the Boost Manager Plus+ user to:

   Manage boost pressure
   Set optimum quantity control for water methanol injection
   Duty cycle high volume/high current return-less fuel supply pumps to maintain precise fuel pressure regulation

In addition to these capabilities Boost Manager Plus+ tracks real time results and saves them to a .csv file that allows users to track the effects of changes using the provided log viewer for adjustment purposes; a feature not available on other systems.

Boost Manager Plus engine safeguards

Boost Manager Plus+ includes built in circuits that guard against detonation caused by electrical malfunctions or component defects in the water/methanol injection system by monitoring methanol pump current flow. If excess current draw is detected (short circuit or blocked line) or if current draw drops below a set point (open circuit, lack of fluid in the tank, or faulty pump) the Microprocessor will reduce boost to lowest setting to protect your engine a feature not available on any other controller.

Boost Manager Plus+ also includes two general purpose outputs (GPO’s) that can be used to duty cycle an optional fluid control solenoid. This feature can be used to cut off fluid flow and prevent possible siphoning (pump mounted below tank fluid level). Fluid solenoid can also be used to restrict flow momentarily and allow the system pump to build line pressure and ensure correct atomization of water/methanol solution.

Boost control function

The Boost Manager Plus+ electronic boost controller is designed to maintains desired boost levels by duty cycling an electronic boost control solenoid (not Included) that applies boost pressure to the waste-gate diaphragm. Boost and boost target are monitored and controlled using a microprocessor controlled feedback loop (PID*) to maintain the desired manifold pressure using one of the following control options.

(*PID (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller)

   Option 1: Simple or fixed value method. In this mode a fixed maximum value is programmed into the Boost Manager Plus+ controller using the supplied user interface (adjustable base map are provided with the unit). The Boost Manager Plus+ controller will monitor (using included 6BAR MAP Sensor) the resulting boost level and automatically apply corrections to maintain the target boost levels. Result can be logged and viewed using supplied user interface and played back using the log viewer function.

   Option 2: Driver adjustable or variable method. In this mode the driver uses a rheostat to vary maximum boost between high and low values set using the included software. This set-up permits on the fly adjustment between two set values; minimum boost level (established by the waste gate spring setting) and the highest possible value programmed into the controller (limited by system hardware).

In both options , Boost Manager Plus+ will default to the low target if it detects a fault in either the fuel pump circuit or the methanol supply system circuit to protect against possible engine damage.

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