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Precision 6262 Turbo Journal
Precision 6262 Turbo Journal
Our Price: $1,199.99
: $1,100.00
You save $99.99!

These turbos by precision are currently one of the best options for high power 4cyl street cars.

They utilize billet compressor wheel technology which allows for a larger blade surface, light weight which produces more power and larger powerband.

This turbo is most accuratedly compared to spool similarly to the GT35r with the power capabilities of a T67 ho compressor. The best of both worlds, big turbo power, with efficient power band spool characteristics.

Many import applications have reported high 600whp - low 700whp power output with this turbo charger on very efficient setups.

VW  applications should expect similar results with a VERY efficient setup. Large port head, cams, intake manifold, valve train, custom tune or standalone etc.]

These turbos are not going to produce 700whp on a stock small port head, or with a stock intake manifold or on a log cast manifold.

These turbo chargers are not for the weak at heart, a properly spec'd setup will produce the power if built similarly. The turbo is only as capable as the engine and associated parts it is paired with.
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