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Unitronic 24v VR6 Big Turbo Software
Our Price: $955.00

415cc injectors @3bar  Designed to run a 3Bar FPR on a T3/T4,GT30xx family turbo, max 12 PSI, stock MAF Housing, Stock compression.

630cc Injectors@ 4bar  Designed to run a 4Bar FPR on a T3/T4,GT3XXX,GT35XX,GT40XX family turbo, max 25 PSI, A8 MAF Housing, lower compression, built engine "recommended", fuel pump required

All me7 Big Turbo files as of now need to be mailed to Unitronic.  Bench Flashing is still not a possibility.

Big turbo files are $890.00. $65.00 is added to this price for shipping. Shipping will be overnight both to Unitronic and back to you. If you so choose to ship the ECU yourself to Unitronic, please contact us, but it will definately end up costing you more than our shipping price.
Unitronic 24v VR6 Stage 1
Our Price: $400.00