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FFE Mini Me Manifold ONLY
FFE Mini Me Manifold ONLY
Our Price: $575.00
Sale Price: $525.00
You save $50.00!

This is the manifold from or new popular Mini Me Manifold Turbo kit.

This manifold will work on mk4 vw with 20v only, or a swap without a rear motor mount bracket.

This will not clear the rear motor mount at this time, we have a revised manifold to be released in a few days for rear motor mount applications.

This manifold is on sale for 465 Until March 1, 2010
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Force Fed Engineering SFWD Sidewinder
Force Fed Engineering SFWD Sidewinder
Our Price: $2,000.00
Sale Price: $1,499.00
You save $501.00!

This item is for a turbo manifold only. This does not come with a turbo, waste gate, down pipe, dump tube, lines or fittings.

This is for the same manifold that is on the shop race car or one like it if adjustments need to be made for alternate chassis (fixture charges may apply)

The manifold is made of stainless steel schedule 40 and is a two piece design. This allows easy removal of the turbo kit, or transmission, or engine without taking the entire turbo kit off.

1 vband nut on the manifold, the oil feed and return lines, and 1 charge pipe are all that will needed to be removed to take the second half of the system off, turbo, waste gate, down pipe and dump tube complete. This can be done with hand tools in under 5 minutes.

This combination with a gen 1 precision turbo has made well over 1100whp and controls boost extremely well with its priority waste gate placement. Manifold is only available for Vband Inlet turbos.
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Force Fed Engineering Street Tubular Bottom-Mount 2.0FSI
Force Fed Engineering Street Tubular Bottom-Mount 2.0FSI
List Price: $1,250.00
Our Price: $1,149.00
Sale Price: $1,200.00
You save $101.00!

Force Fed Engineering has developed turbo manifold parts for many applications and we have now extended to the 2.0FSI.

Highlights of our parts for this application that make out products better than the competition are the following.

Our manifolds are easier to install and much more straight forward. Our manifolds remove the wedge block lower clamp and use the studs alone.

Our head flanges are CNC machined and taper downwards to the ID of the materials proven across the industry to be the standard for performance results.

We have develped these manifolds to go above and beyond the mediocre alternatives with small ID runners and ill fitting design.

These manifolds are available in the folowing configurations.

They come standard Precision or Tial Vband connections. They come standard with either Tial MVS 38mm vband or Tial 44mm wastegate applications.

If you are looking to purchase a manifold for your FSI or TSI please call us before ordering to discuss turbo chargers and application options.
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Force Fed Engineering Street Tubular Top-Mount
Force Fed Engineering Street Tubular Top-Mount
List Price: $1,250.00
Our Price: $1,150.00
Sale Price: $1,150.00
You save $100.00!

This T3 single wastegate tubular header is made of thick wall stainless steel. It is fabricated in house using the highest quality materials on a jig. All of our MK4 20v manifolds are designed and fit perfect every time because they are built inside of a clip we have in the shop.

These manifolds are back purged and have helped produce the most powerful 20vs in the world.

FFE has a 0% failure rate on all of its manifolds, and for any of its fabricated parts. Not one part has cracked, broken or failed and we fabricate a large quantity of parts in various materials daily. Find another fabricator in the VW scene that can say that and have it be true. We repair and replicate other fabrication shops parts all the time because they dont stand up to the applications. You never have to worry about welded manifold failure again as it is a myth. If your manifold fails we will repair it or replace it for free IF it is due to a craftmanship error.

We build manifolds around your specifics and turbo. There is generally a 2 week lead time on orders so they fit perfectly. Complete staged turbo kits are available as well!
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