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Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Our Price: $240.00
: $219.00
You save $21.00!

Bosch 044 fuel pumps are used in most aftermarket turbo applications where power expectations reach into the low 600whp range.

These pumps are very reliable, very capable and have no problem with fuel supply even at high pressure.

We run two of these pumps on the shop race car making in excess of 800whp and they have never missed a beat!

We try to run these on any car that comes in the shop looking to produce over 500whp. They are more reliable at the higher pressure than the walbro's and are an all around better pump for big power.

The inlet thread is an 18X1.5mm thread pitch and the outlet is 12X1.5mm. We have adapter fittings for these pumps as well for inlet/outlet with an array of sizes from -6 through -10an.
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DW drop in intanke fuel pump
DW drop in intanke fuel pump
Our Price: $249.99

The DW65c is the first high flow, compact, 65mm pump.

* Compact 65mm body for OE fitment * Flows 265 litres per hour * Available with and without mounting clips * Ethanol compatible * 3-year no-fault warranty * Quiet and reliable turbine impeller
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Walbro 255lph Inline Fuel Pump
Walbro 255lph Inline Fuel Pump
Our Price: $150.00
: $120.00
You save $30.00!

This fuel pump is the most common inline fuel pump on basic turbo upgraded cars. These pumps are fairly quiet and capable of supporting setups making ~550whp. With there fairly inexpensive cost they are the typical choice for a basic aftermaket turbo kit.

This pump INCLUDES an install kit! not pictured**

Many people making over 550whp run 2 pumps together for higher power goals.

The Bosch 044 pump is slightly more capable and a bit more reliable than this pump, but if you are shooting for sub 500whp MAX goals without running higher than normal fuel pressures this pump will work very well for your setup.
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