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1.8T Cam Tensioner seal kit
Our Price: $6.00

This seal is for your 1.8t Motor. This seal fits both tensioners VVT enabled and non VVT enabled. All 1.8t motors use the same seal.

This is a 1 time use only seal as it is a crush gasket.
1.8t Camshaft Seal
Our Price: $5.50

This seal is for any 1.8t engine in any chassis. This is a replacement seal for your factory or aftermarket camshafts. There are 2 of these on your motor and they are both the same.
1.8T Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Our Price: $8.00

Swapping out your exhaust manifold? You need one of these!
1.8t Front Main seal
Our Price: $6.00

This is a replacement front main seal for your mk4 1.8t 06a engine.
1.8t Intake Manifold Gasket Big Port
Our Price: $4.00

This gasket is for all 1.8t engines. It can be used on any 1.8t cylinder heads but is specific for the AEB or euro equivalent large port head. If you desire the small port gasket go under 06a 1.8t and you will find it there.
1.8t Oil Housing Gasket
Our Price: $7.00

This gasket is for your transverse 1.8t engine. This gasket goes behind the housing where it bolts to the block. This gasket is metal and is 1 time use. If you are removing this housing it is recommended to change before reinstalling.
1.8T Oil Return Gasket (oil pan side)
Our Price: $2.99

This gasket is for all 1.8t motors where the return line meets the oil pan. This gasket is metal with a crush surface for sealing and is required to be changed when removed.
1.8T Oil Return Gasket (turbo side)
Our Price: $3.99

This gasket is for the factory turbo oil return line right off of the turbocharger. This gasket cannot be used on an aftermarket turbo without modification (even though it is the same size as a GT series flange). The factory bolts are M6 and in most applications aftermaket turbos have larger bolts (M8)

If you need a GT series return gasket you can find them in the turbo charger category.
1.8t Rear Main Seal
Our Price: $30.00

This seal is for your mk4 1.8t rear main seal. It is also known as the rear crankshaft seal.

If you are doing a clutch kit with over 50-60k miles it is a good idea to change this seal as it requires the transmission and clutch to be removed.
1.8T Valve Cover Gasket Set
Our Price: $25.00

This kit contains both valve cover gaskets for the 1.8t cylinder head. This kit fits all 1.8t applications regardless of engine code. These gaskets fit well unlike some other brands that are prone to leaking from being improperly sized.